About Us

About atharva

Atharva is basically a school learning programme starting from grade XI students- especially focussing to create leaders of the next generation through integrated coaching in the school level itself. Atharva school learning programme is one of the best learning programmes for students who aim to achieve their goals in the competitive exams and perform best in the field.
It provides completely integrated coaching from expert trainers, equipped with multilevel learning outcomes which enable the students to acquire the skills associated with learning. The classes we offer in science especially physics, chemistry, botany and zoology and mathematics which in turn help the learning of other subjects too.

Our Vision

To create a group of students with amazing result in first attempt with plustwo

Our Mission

In order to be the best, To conduct proper integrated batch for NEET and JEE in true sense without any compromise in quality

Our Methodology

In order to be the best, Atharva provides the best study materials that covers all bases, question banks with latest updates, regular examinations for level assessments, individual attention for each students.

Why Choose Us?

Atharva provides outstanding classes and exemplary study materials to achieve their goals mainly to score high in the NEET /JEE in their plustwo level itself,and also helps in laying foundation of all other subjects from their lower grades. We provide outstanding support to students in their overall development. Our service is given inside the school in well structured modules perfectly incorporated with academic strategies.

We have a very good panel of expert and excellent teachers with years of experi­ ence in training thousands of students for various national level competitive exam­ inations. All our teachers are well qualified and have excellent  communication skills as well as at least ten years of teaching experience. The faculty are trained for concept based teaching and are capable of preparing the children to face even the toughest competitive examination in India.

In order to be the best, Atharva provides the best study materials that covers all bases, question banks with latest updates

The study sessions basically cover the Class XI and Class XII syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. For foundation programs, modules will be based on the Class VIII, IX and X topics with emphasis on developing numerical and analytical skills. Students will be given intensive training in developing analytical skills so that they can crack any national level competitive examination very easily.